Top five blogging benefits for your business

Why should your remodeling, design, real estate or home goods manufacturing firm have a blog? Let me share my own professional experience with blogging to answer that question for you.

I launched Gold Notes: Nuggets from the World of Residential Design in July 2008. I saw it as a way to share my kitchen and bath design expertise with a wider audience.

I had no idea at the time that the blog would offer so many unexpected benefits...

  • The blog took my design firm website into Google's top five kitchen design firm results for my area. This is unprecedented for such a young web site!

  • The blog started being read by design industry magazine editors who contacted me for quotes.

  • Being quoted in national and regional magazines generated client interest and projects.

  • The blog positioned me as an expert in my field, which provided support for the seminars I wanted to present.

  • The blog has also connected me to a wider community of design bloggers, publishers and home good manufacturers who have provided additional professional opportunities, including becoming a regular contributor to the popular site.
So, if you're looking for additional exposure and opportunities for your firm, blogging could be your answer. And if you want to blog, but don't have the time or writing skills to make it work, call or email me.

Client Blog Project

Client Blog Project
Image from recent Florida Wood-Mode Cabinetry post

Blogging FAQs

How do I get started with blogging?

A. Start by considering what you want a blog to achieve for your business. For example, 'I want to raise awareness of my new cabinet line among the design community' or 'I want to generate awareness and excitement for my new home community.' My Home Blogs service offers a free phone consultation to help you define these goals and share how a blog can help you meet them.

I'm incredibly busy. How much time does blogging take?

A. You are probably going to spend between one and three hours a week writing, editing and adding images if you're posting once and are a fairly quick writer, as I am. Your initial investment of time in planning your blog's look and content will be longer. You can also use a service like Home Blogs to do the planning and writing work for you.

How often do I need to update my blog to make it successful?

A. At a minimum, your blog should be updated twice a month, on a fairly regular schedule. The most widely-read blogs are updated daily or multiple times per day.

I'm not technical, so how can I publish a blog?

A. I'm not technical either. The most popular blogging systems, including the Blogger program by Google that I use, do not require technical skills and are free to use. You also have the option of hiring a professional to design and/or program your blog for a fee.

I'm not a good writer... Can I still have a blog?

A. Yes, hire a professional and let Home Blogs create and update your blog for you. Our 411 is in the left column and your initial consultation call is absolutely FREE!

I know images are important. Where do I find photos?

A. Your own site is the best source, of course. You can also request permission to use images from vendors you work with and other firms in your industry. Creative Commons is another resource, but be sure to only use images licensed for commercial use.

JG Kitchens' Design Page Image

JG Kitchens' Design Page Image
Blog images can come from your own portfolio

About Home Blogs

HOME BLOGS is a recent venture begun by author, design journalist, copywriter and kitchen designer Jamie Gold, AKBD, CAPS.

Design writing and speaking pro

Jamie's first book, New Kitchen Ideas That Work, was just published by Taunton Press.

Her writing credits also include Signature Kitchens & Baths, Fine Homebuilding, Kitchen & Bath Ideas,, Woman's Day Kitchens & Baths, Kitchen + Bath Business and many others.

She is a regular contributor to, for whom she developed the popular Sensible Style blog, publishes her own Gold Notes blog and writes regularly on design for the San Diego Union-Tribune.

In addition to being a design writer, Jamie has demonstrated her passion for the subject as a seminar leader. She has created and tailored live and online presentations for designers, general contractors, builders and homeowners.

Real estate writer

Jamie covered real estate for the Los Angeles Business Journal in the 1990s, and currently includes a periodic real estate feature in her Gold Notes blog.

Marketing experience

Before joining the design scene in 2004, Jamie held marketing management positions with the Los Angeles Times, Gannett, a corporate speakers' bureau and a top 10 NPR station.

She has also provided copywriting services to numerous companies, associations and professionals.

Education and credentials

She holds a BA in Journalism from New York University and a Master's in Communication Management from the University of Southern California's Annenberg School.

The initials after Jamie's name signify that she is an Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer, credentialed by the National Kitchen & Bath Association, and a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, credentialed by the National Association of Home Builders.


Jamie was proud to earn Chairman's and Innovation Awards for a team project she co-managed at the Los Angeles Times; two Louisiana Press Association awards for the Gannett website she ran; accolades from the California Chamber of Commerce for her business reporting; participation in the Newspaper Association of America's Future Leaders program; participation in the National Kitchen & Bath Association's Marketing Council and membership in the Blanco Design Council and Blogger 19 circle of design writers.

Book project cover

Book project cover
I wrote and edited an architect client's chapter in this book